Risk Disclosure Statement

You should NOT invest in the investment notes offered unless you fully understand the risks that you are undertaking.  Whist the platform has taken necessary measures in assessing the creditworthiness of the Issuer(s) and the Investment Notes issued by the Issuer(s), you should understand that, similar to other investments, it comes with risks of losing all your total investment capital.

You should carefully consider, or with the advice of independent financial adviser, whether this investment is suitable and appropriate for you based on your investment objectives and financial means. 

By investing via our platform, you agree and acknowledge that the risks of investing in such securities / Investment Notes include but are not limited to the following:

  1. 100% loss on such investments
    Your investment interest in the Issued Note are not secured and may be ranked subordinate to the interests of the Issuer’s other creditors.  In the event that an Issuer falls into financial difficulty including entering into the liquidation/bankruptcy stage, other creditors and debt holders with higher seniority may be compensated and given priority first. In such circumstances, you as an investor may loss all of your investment capital.
  2. Liquidity of Investment / No Secondary Market to Trade your Invested Issued Note(s)
    There is currently no existing secondary market to trade or sell off your Invested Issued Note(s). Once invested, your capital will be locked into the Invested Issued Notes until the Issuer has fully settled the Notes.
  3. No Coverage from the Capital Market Compensation Fund
    Any and all losses resulting from your investment through the Moneysave platform is not covered by the Capital Market Compensation Fund. In other words, you cannot claim from the Capital Market Compensation Fund any loss you may sustain by investing in the Investment Notes.
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